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Written by Emma Blackmore
on November 25, 2019

Report highlights: 


  • General economic uncertainty due to Brexit;
  • The need for the sector to respond to evolving requirements in response to the Grenfell Tower fire incident;
  • The fundamental importance of keeping tenants safe and reducing risk;
  • It is essential to have effective, insightful compliance reporting;
  • Data integrity is fundamental.

Each year the Regulator releases a Sector Risk Profile, which highlights the strategic and operational risks facing the social housing sector.

The report is designed to help registered providers, Board members and others understand what has been happening in the operating environment and how to respond to the changing environment.

Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of RSH said: ‘Alongside some weakness in demand in the housing market and the need to respond to evolving building safety requirements, this year’s Sector Risk Profile highlights the importance of adequately investing in existing stock, as well as ensuring necessary scrutiny of the build quality of new stock.

‘This includes satisfying statutory Health and Safety requirements and effectively managing all outsourcing
arrangements, and demands high-quality data on the condition of properties.’

'Proactively responding to the recommendations provided in the Sector Risk Report is important for all those working in the sector. This is not just limited to social housing providers themselves, but is the responsibility for all service providers operating in the sector, especially those that our tenant facing and safeguarding the tenant’s environment,’ comments Emma Blackmore, Client Account Director Propeller.

‘We use the report to ensure that our solution is aligned with the sector’s growing requirements. Our full compliance software provides the critical, impartial, real-time data that all social providers need to ensure they are doing everything they can to safeguard tenants,’ continued Emma.

Today, more than ever, the sector is under scrutiny from Government, media and tenants. Managing reputational risk is imperative; a downgrade can have a ripple effect of consequences across any organisation. The sector acknowledges that technology is the ideal solution to harvest and generate the most accurate data regarding stock, assets and performance to manage all areas of compliance and Heath and Safety in the social housing sector.

‘Our real-time insights into stock, assets and compliance can deliver assurance for providers that they are both meeting and exceeding the Regulator’s expectations. We also ensure that cost is not a barrier to delivering this assurance and level of tenant safeguarding, which can be a barrier to adoption of life saving technology in the sector,’ concluded Emma.


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About The Regulator of Social Housing’s Sector Risk Profile 2019

The Regulator of Social Housing’s Sector risk profile 2019 published today (15 October 2019) highlights that strategic and operational risks facing the social housing sector are on the rise. his is the seventh year of the annual publication, which is designed to help registered providers, board members and others to understand the operating environment and to think strategically about how their organisation can manage its risks. 

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