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Written by Simon G
on August 27, 2020

We are excited to announce that on Saturday 29th August we will be releasing a newly improved engineer application for iOS. As well as having a new look, this new application contains a new and improved user experience and lots of new features including iCloud storage back-ups and full suite of Electrical Certificates.

If you are currently using the application on iPhone, you will need to update via Test Flight in order to backup your data. You will need to be signed into an iCloud account as your current data will be stored here in the process of moving to the new application.

To download the update – sign-up via:

A tutorial can be viewed at on our Youtube Channel - Propeller iPhone Upgrade Tutorial or on our Customer Support System

Please be aware once you download the update you will not be able to carry out any visits or use any other features such as booking visits or creating certificates until you have completed the upgrade process.


iCloud Backups

You will now have the option to backup your data to your iCloud. Visit data, fast text, templates, and circuits can now all be saved to the cloud and can be accessed when you log into to other apple devices using you’re Apple ID you can carry over this data.



Visits can be stored for up to 4 weeks on the iCloud giving you an off device backup for your data.

All data on the iCloud is encrypted for additional security.

Merging the Apps

An important aspect of the new app is the merging of the iPhone and iPad apps into one. This brings a seamless user experience across devices and allows for additional flexibility and scope for adding future improvements and features.

Electrical Certification on iPhone

The full suite of electrical certificates are now available for all iPhone users.

If you require any assistance with migrating to the new app or if you have any other questions, please contact support on:

Tel; 0333 207 0037


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