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Written by Deborah Boden
on August 06, 2020

Last week we shared a video looking at some of the ways our team have (very quickly) adapted the Propeller system & App to support our customers to bolster their health and safety measures during Covid-19.

One of the additions which our customers have found particularly helpful are the Covid-19 Risk Assessments - one for the Operative to self certify, the other for the Operatives or Engineers to ask questions to the tenant - at a distance.

The PDF output of the forms are immediately available within the Propeller system providing tenants with peace of mind, and providing customers with tangible evidence that that the appropriate health and safety measures are being adhered to.


Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Tenants 

The Covid-19 Risk Assessment for tenants is designed to be completed when the Operative/Engineer arrives at the property, before any work commences. 

Standing at a distance, the Operative can ask the tenant a series of questions to identify any risk to exposure to Covid-19 at the property.

 Covid-19 Risk Assessment - Contractors




Once complete the Risk Assessment is stored in the Propeller Admin portal in PDF format against the Job and the property record.


Corona Virus - Operative Self Assessment

The Covid-19 Self Assessment is for Engineers to complete to self certify that they are free from any symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been into contact with anybody with a confirmed case of the virus. 


To see a few more adaptations we have made to the Propeller systems and App's during Covid-19 have a look at our recent video. 


If you are a #Contractor or #SocialHousing Landlord having issues adapting your IT systems to support you during Covid-19 we'd love to see if we can help.


Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team today;

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